We are proud to say that most of our collaborators are within a radius of approximately 250km from our offices, located in A Coruña.

We understand NWHR as a community made up of all the people who participate, directly or indirectly, in the development of our activity.

We have a responsibility to select suppliers that guarantee fair and dignified working conditions carried out in safe environments. To do this, in a world dominated by large corporations, we have decided to work with local companies with the aim of promoting the local economy and reducing emissions derived from transport as much as possible.


When selecting a factory to produce our garments, we look at three fundamental pillars: people, the environment and the quality of the fabrics used. After a long search, we have chosen a factory in the north of Portugal,GBTX, whose philosophy is consistent with our values ​​and is located just 100km from our warehouses.


Water is our most valuable resource. We have already reduced its consumption in cultivation by selecting a cotton with an average water consumption 64% lower than the conventional one, but it doesn’t all end there. In the manufacture of our garments, more specifically in their dyeing, we use water and a series of dyes that, even though being responsible, they still generate waste that must be treated. For this reason, the factory has a treatment plant that prevents contaminated water from being thrown directly into the environment and treats it so that it can be reused, thus creating a closed cycle of consumption. In this process we save energy and time thanks to the fact that the heat of the discharged water is used to heat the incoming water.


Human rights atrocities have been committed in the textile industry, NWHR will not contribute in this to continue. Thanks to the SMETA certificate our factory has, we guarantee that workers carry out their activity in a safe environment and in exchange for fair compensation.