The 4 pieces that make up this collection are inspired by one of the most emblematic Galician festivals, “o entroido”. Dances, songs, costumes, ancestral masks and food, lots of food, become the true protagonists of this celebration.

With this capsule we want to pay tribute to our land, its tradition and its wonderful people.

Marco Oggian

(Venezia, 1990)

Born and raised in Italy, currently living in Spain, he has worked on more than 150 projects around the world.

Marco wanted to be an illustrator since he was a child. He describes his style as "simple and strong, a 5-year-old could do better", and it seems that some of that childish energy has been left in his work.

He often uses simple shapes and vibrant colors to stand out and be critical about social and controversial issues. His posters and prints have depicted iconic moments in recent years, from criticism of the Syrian war to the Black Lives Matters riots last June.