“Nowhere” is a brand made for non-judgmental people who don’t believe in superficial differences, we’re all the same but our details make us unique.

We are committed to conscious fashion where each garment is, so to speak, a small collector's artwork that will spend many years with us.

The three principles that define us are


How are we going to set an example if our consumer doesn’t know the impact of our activity or the traceability throughout the value chain?


We are far from being as sustainable as we would like to be. For our first collection we use organic cotton, although we will be incorporating lower impact fabrics and practices with time.

We believe that the two main pillars for growth are self-criticism and our desire to improve.


For us, sustainability is a MUST. We stay alive thanks to collaborations with artists and social activism. We seek to generate a change through our community by creating awareness about how screwed up we’ll be if we continue treating our planet this way. Each individual action is critical to changing our future.